17 after speaking malvern sean has new reason win race what reason 18 why does

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January 15, 2021
January 15, 2021

17 after speaking malvern sean has new reason win race what reason 18 why does

17) After speaking to Malvern, Sean has a new reason to win the race. What is that reason?

18) Why does Puck go to confession?

19) When Puck is in Corr’s stall with Sean, she realizes what it is about Sean that makes him different from other people. What does she say that that is?

20) While Sean and Puck are wrapping Corr’s legs, how does Sean uncharacteristically show humor?

21) Sean hints to Puck that Prince would still be alive if_________?


22) In chapter 45, what does Sean ask Puck?

23) Why does Sean draw a circle and then spit in it?

24) Why is Finn upset with Puck in the beginning of chapter 48?


25) Why do you think that Finn sleeps in the same room as Puck?


26) What is the mercy of the island?

27) Why does Sean feel like he is selling himself on the morning of Malvern’s Auction?

28) Why does Sean say that is would be unfortunate if Puck preferred the suited up version of Sean instead?

29) What are the ways the the water horse blood shows up in it’s offspring with land horses?

30) Who do you think that Holly has been involved with? How do you know?

31) What does Malvern mean when he says that “the blood doesn’t always come through”? Who is he talking about?

32) How much of Sean’s race winnings go to Malvern?

33) What does Mutt hear his father saying that upsets him?

34) Why does Holly tell Sean that he should bolt his door at night?

35) Who or what does Elizabeth and Dory want Holly to take with him when he leaves the island?

36) Sean tells Holly that what needs to happen in order for Puck to get anywhere in the race?

37) Why do Pucks cheeks blush when she is talking to Holly?

38) What is Tommy hinting at or insinuating when talking with Puck in chapter 52?

39) Who tells Puck that she should be grateful for the gifts that are the rarest?

40) What does Puck mean when she tells Sean that she will not be his weakness?

41) Why was Edana hurt?

42) Why do you think that Mutt hurt Corr? Was it just to win the race or was there more behind it? Why else do you think Mutt hurt Corr?


Chapter 54-66 Comprehension Questions

1) What does Dory mean when she says “a man with both legs on land”?

2) What does Dory believe that Sean loves? What does he really love?
Dory believes Sean loves Corr, but he really loves Puck.

3) What is the weather and the sea causing the horses to do?

4) What does Puck discover has happened to Tommy Falk?

5) What is Puck surprised to see at the funeral?

6) What does Tommy’s dad mean when he tells Puck that he “would’ve lost him either way”?

7) What does the author mean by “naked pride”?

8) Why does Sean think that Puck is brave?

9) What does Sean say that the island cares for?

10) Why does Puck say that she stays on the island?


11) Why is the race this year different for Sean?

12) What does Sean give Puck for good luck?

13) What does Puck give Sean in return?

14) What happens when Puck goes to get her colors?

15) What does Peg give Puck right before the race?

16) What, according to Puck, is the secret of the race?

17) What and who caused the cut on Puck’s leg during the race?

18) Why does Mutt lose the race on purpose?

19) What helps Puck understand what Gabe means when he tells her that he can’t beat it anymore?

20) How doe Corr save Sean’s life?

21) What happens to Mutt during the race?

22) Why is Corr’s loyalty better than his ownership?

23) Why can’t Puck celebrate her win?

24) Where does Finn get the wad of cash from?

25) What are the 3 things that Puck asks from Malvern?


26) Why does Sean release Corr?



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