5 short answer questions needed now

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January 14, 2021
what part united states did lewis and clark explore
January 14, 2021

5 short answer questions needed now

Please answer 5 questions quickly.


1.     Explain one specific way that anti-discrimination legislation has affected organizational compensation.

2.     Describe 1 major employee benefit from each of the following components, and briefly discuss why you believe each is important to compensation:
– Employee security & health
– Time not worked
– Employer-provided services

3.     Briefly list and describe 2 methods of collecting job analysis information, providing one advantage and one disadvantage of both methods

4.     Describe the difference between the “compensation” and “non-compensation” components of a reward system and provide 1 example of each

List and explain 3 factors that influence the rate of pay an employee receives.

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