March 22, 2022
Nurse 412 Lab Ethics – Assignment
March 22, 2022

557 unit 1

Topic 1: Developmental TheoristsThe study of developmental theories reveals fascinating arrays of ideas about how children progress from infancy through adolescence, providing many perspectives on children’s growth and development (Burns, 2013). Using the developmental theorists (Table in ch 4 of your Pediatric Primary Care text) identify the theorist and explain the following child behaviors:A 3 year old child has nighttime fears of the darkAn 8 year old girl wants to be involved in a scouting group and is an avid collector of snow globesA 13 year old male wants to go to a camp sponsored by his religious denomination with a group of friends from schoolAT LEAST 375 WORDS WITH 3 INTEXT CITATIONS NO OLDER THAN 5 YEARS

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