May 10, 2022
Provide One Nanda Care Plan For The Older Adult That Targets Prevention And Health Promotion.
May 10, 2022

A1 Pathology

Chapter 1:

1) ICF Model (fill in your own example in hand out attached) 

2) Define:

a. Health

b. Illness; Acute vs. Chronic

i. What is subacute illness?

c. Disability: Physical vs. Cognitive

3) What is the role of the PTA with health promotion and disease prevention?

4) Psychologic aspects of Illness; 

a. Explain: Functional vs. Organic symptoms

5) List 4 Benefits of exercise

6) Genetic aspects of disease;

a. What is the Human Genome project?

b. What is Gene Therapy?

i. List 5 uses of gene therapy

7) Explain one approach to gene therapy

8) What are some ethical concerns with gene therapy?

a. What is gene doping?

9) How is gene testing performed?

10) What is the most important aspect for the PTA to understand about genetic disease?

11) What is the difference between Compliance vs. Noncompliance?

12) What is the most significant difference between DNA and RNA? 

Chapter 3:

1) Explain how age affects DNA

2) What is the wear and tear theory?

a. What are some cells that are impacted by this theory?

3) What is the free radical theory?

4) What is the telomere aging clock theory?

5) What are the two types of cell injury?

6) What are the mechanisms of cell injury?

a. Three important concepts to understand:

i. Immune reactions

ii. Genetic Factors

iii. Infectious agents

7) What can cell injury caused by infectious agents’ cause?

8) What can cell injury caused by immune reactions lead to?

9) What can cell injury related to genetic factors present as?

10) Provide an example of a physical factor that may cause cell injury.

11) How do chemical factors cause cell injury?

12) How do psychosocial factors affect connective tissue?

13) List 3 symptoms that can be seen with Vitamin C deficiency? 

14) List 3 factors that put a person at risk for Vitamin C deficiency?

15) Explain the difference between ischemia and necrosis. 

16) The physical stress theory applies to all areas of physical therapy and is extremely important. Explain what you understand from mechanical factors and how they affect cell injury. 

17) What are the 4 components of tissue healing and what are their functions?

18) Why is therapeutic ultrasound beneficial?

19) What is the most important factor of tissue healing?

20) Chose one factor that influences tissue healing and explain. 

21) What are the 4 phases of healing?

a. BRIEFLY explain each

22) What is a cytokine?

a. Which two cytokines are most important, why?

23) What is a tissue contracture?

24) What is scar tissue? How long does it normally take a dense connective scar to form?

25) Explain primary and secondary intention.

READ; Specific Tissue and Organ Repair

26) What two types of tissue does bone consist of?

a. What is the difference between these two?

27) How do fractures heal?

28) Give an example of EACH type of cartilage. 

29) Why does articular cartilage generate poorly or not at all? 

30) Where is the Menisci found? What is its principle function?

a. See Fig 3.24 for types of tears

31) What are the 3 principle functions of synovial fluid?

32) Describe the three zones of the intervertebral disk. 

33) List 2 age-related changes that can occur to disks?

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