Airport Research Project on Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport

January 12, 2021

Airport Research Project on Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport

MGMT 408

Airport Research Project Final Paper Criteria and Requirements

(20% of grade)

A primary requirement in this course is the completion of a research paper – The Airport Research Project. The paper will be based on a domestic commercial services airport of your choice.

Throughout the course, you will be given writing assignments related to this final Airport Research Project. These assignments are labeled Airport Research Project and will be used in your final paper. Your Airport Research Project will show your analysis on specific areas of your airport and will state if the airport is meeting the needs of their community in which it is located and why, and if not, why and what they should do to change.

Paper Goals

  1. To illustrate that you have a clear understanding of the management of airports.
  2. To describe operational systems, airside, landside, function and role of an airport in the community.
  3. To identify operational, environmental and political issues with possible solutions, including various factors regarding public acceptance and the economic importance of the airport.
  4. To demonstrate knowledge of airport planning and budgeting and the applicable regulatory guidelines and the security program of an airport.

Due Date:

  • The deadline is the last day of the term. No reports will be accepted beyond this date.
  • NO EXCEPTIONS! Details:
    • APA format standards
    • Microsoft Word is the preferred document format (doc or docx)
    • Rich Text Format (rtf can also be used however, be aware of the limitations (graphics, tables, etc. are not supported). Do not submit in pdf format.
    • Margins are set at one inch on all sides.
    • Text is double-spaced using Times Roman 12 point font (start to finish)
    • The header is on all pages except the title page; put your last name in the header followed by the page number.
    • Length: 10 – 12 pages (excluding the abstract, cover page, and references page) 1
  • Name your file using your last name and the activity number (example: Smith M12). Remember to use only alphanumeric characters (A-Z, 0-9), no special characters when naming your files.
  • Pictures, diagrams, graphs and tables are encouraged and will strengthen your paper however; there are limitations of using rich text format instead of Word format (doc, docx). RTF will not support diagrams, photos, and some tables. Every graphic and table must have a caption, source, and must be discussed in the main body.
  • All work must be grammatically sound and free of spelling errors. Points will be deducted for typographical and grammatical errors. Please proof thoroughly before turning in your final submission.
  • Your final paper will be submitted using SafeAssign, a plagiarism prevention tool.
  • This paper is worth 100 points and 20% of your final grade. Required Items:
  • Title Page will contain the following information: o MGMT-408ResearchPaper
    o AirportName
    o YourName o Embry-RiddleAeronauticalUniversity
  • Abstract (120 words or less)
  • Main Body

o Introduction

o History

o Airside

o Landside

o AirportLayoutPlan(Thissectionisoptional;includeitifyouwereabletofindit for your airport and you have the technical skills to insert it into the paper)

o Part139andCompliance
o Security
o BudgetandFinances
o Economic,PoliticalandSocialRole o Conclusion

• References Citations:

Technically, if you don’t cite your authors within your paper, this is a form of plagiarism – because you acknowledge using these authors’ materials under references, then failed to give credit in the body of your document. As such, failure to cite properly and appropriately will result in a zero for your final grade.

Please refer to the writing information within the ‘Resources’ section in the course.


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