analyze an aquarium for size and cost of maintenance algebra homework help

January 12, 2021

analyze an aquarium for size and cost of maintenance algebra homework help


To analyze an aquarium for size and cost of maintenance.


You are the business manager of the San Diego Zoo. Part of your job is to analyze and write a report on all large financial purchases, before they are made.


Your bosses at the Zoo are requiring you to present a thorough report on the specifics of this large aquarium, before they decide to make the purchase.


You are to write a report to be presented to the owners of the zoo. They have requested that the following information be included in your report, and that you explain and show your work on how you arrived at your answers.

1. The proposed aquarium is a rectangular prism that is 30 ft long, 10 ft wide, and 20 ft high. The aquarium first needs to be painted with a protective paint. It has an open top, and the bottom will already be on the ground, but the rest of the aquarium, both on the inside and out, needs a coat of this paint. How many square feet of the aquarium need to be painted?

2. The protective paint is bought in cans that cover 200 sq ft costing $154.99 per can. What is the cost of purchasing the protective paint for this aquarium?

3. The Zoo usually fills the aquarium ¾ full with water. What volume of water will be in the aquarium once it is ¾ full?

4. When you submerge a rock in the aquarium (the rock is the same size of the fish you plan to house in the aquarium), the water level rises ¼ inch. Find the volume of that rock (really a fish).

5. How many fish of the same size as the rock discussed above can you place in the aquarium before any water spills out?

6. How many gallons of water could you fill the aquarium with if it were filled to capacity? (1 cubic ft is equal to 7.48 gallons)

Product, Performance and Purpose

Answer each question correctly. Show your work for each question. Explain in complete sentences the process you used to calculate your answers. If you used formulas, be sure to state what formula was used. Write your answer in the form of a report to your bosses. Make sure your report has a professional flow to it.

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