Analyze in the novel The circle the evolution of our present time youth culture assignment help

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March 10, 2023
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March 10, 2023

Analyze in the novel The circle the evolution of our present time youth culture assignment help

Hi Mr. Robert, here are two parts of requests!

1. Read attached PDF file (just two pages) and write your response for exercise 5C. (the number of words is not limited-feel free to write)

Note: Each pair of terms has a political, social, or otherwise controversial context, and usually the euphemistic term is designed by the implicated parties to ‘soften’ the reality of what has happened or what they are doing. It is helpful to figure out the context in order to define how the second terms softens the first.

2. I got revision request from my professor via email, I need a revised version of the essay based on his feedback on docx file. Please see the attached docx file and revise it in MLA format:)

Here is his email:

re: “It is a good aspect of the change in culture as it helps to transform the young people so that they become responsible members of the community. Mae accepts to go transparent, which indicates a positive intention by the young people in the modern world”

…reads like you didn’t bother to finish the book.

Last page, last image, is of Mae hungrily wishing to know what comatose Annie is thinking–an image of the corporate ownership of private life, the desire to get into the privacy of our thoughts, the only place left that the internet companies don’t have access to….and an image of the potentially terrible consequences of “transparency”

you can disagree with the author, but you can’t ignore what he’s saying. = people shouldn’t be reduced to data points; we shouldn’t cede social policy to technologists; privacy is not theft.

please see copy I’ve posted.

3. I really appreciate your supports.

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