analyze mvpi 0

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January 13, 2021
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January 13, 2021

analyze mvpi 0


The motives, values, and preferences inventory (MVPI) is used to identify the motives and values most important to an individual. Understanding the personal values of the individuals who make up a team can be useful in understanding the team dynamics and help a manager build and sustain teamwork within the organization.


  • Refer to the 10 core values (listed below) evaluated on the MVPI.
  • Rank order the traits according to the value you assign to them, with 1 being the trait you value the most in a team member and 10 being the trait you value the least.
  • Explain the rationale for your ranking. Give an example of each trait drawn from your experience or observations.

MVPI Values

  1. Recognition:

    Desire for attention, approval, and praise

  2. Power:

    Desire for success, accomplishment, status, competition, and control

  3. Hedonism:

    Desire for fun, pleasure, and recreation

  4. Altruism:

    Concern about the welfare of others and contribution to a better society

  5. Affiliation:

    Desire for enjoyment of social interaction

  6. Tradition:

    Concern for established values of conduct

  7. Security:

    Desire for certainty, order, and predictability in employment and finance

  8. Science: quest for knowledge, research, technology, and data
  9. Aesthetics: need for self-expression, concern over look, feel, and design of work products
  10. Commerce: interest in money, profits, investment, and business opportunities


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