Capstone Topic Summary
January 23, 2023
January 23, 2023

analyzing data in research

Did you find the flow chart above to be important?  Do you think it (or a similar one) would assist you with your future projects?Give some thought too about how you will deal with false-positive results  when you are analyzing your own data that will be collected during the implementation of your upcoming DNP Project. What is the importance of true statistical data interpretation in published research studies?Instructions:Use anAPA 7 style and a minimum of 200 words. Provide support from a minimum of at least (1) scholarly sources. The scholarly source needs to be: 1) evidence-based, 2) scholarly in nature, 3) Sources should be no more than five years old (published within the last 5 years), and 4) an in-text citation.citations and references are included when information is summarized/synthesized and/or direct quotes are used, in whichAPA stylestandards apply.• Textbooks are not considered scholarly sources.• Wikipedia, Wikis, .com website or blogs should not be used.

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