Annotating Your Sources English homework help

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March 9, 2023
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March 9, 2023

Annotating Your Sources English homework help

Now that we’ve discussed the importance of using credible secondary sources for your project, let’s start annotating! Don’t worry—we’re going to walk through the process one step at a time. This week, you’ll be given access to an interactive Writing Plan generator that has specific questions to help guide you. In this section, we’ll first focus on finding your three required sources. Then we’ll help you summarize those sources, evaluate their credibility, and explain how these sources will help support your argument. If you found a source that passed the C.R.A.A.P. test earlier in this module, feel free to use that as one of your sources. If you decided to alter your keywords and you’d like to start your research from scratch, that’s totally fine too!

You’ll create a bibliography entry by following the steps below and answering the questions as thoroughly as possible. The questions will prompt you to engage in a conversation with your sources. You will need to complete this activity three times (for your three different sources).

A few reminders:

  • You may find one source on the Internet, but the remainder of your sources must come from either the Opposing Viewpoints database or the Academic Search Complete database. Click here to access the Opposing Viewpoints database and click here to access the page where the Academic Search Complete database is found.
  • At least one of your three sources should present a counterargument*, a position an opponent of your argument might make.
  • Be sure to test all of your sources using the C.R.A.A.P. method.

Constructing Your Annotations

Click on each of the following tabs to begin building your annotations for your three sources.

Step 1: Select a source from the Opposing Viewpoints database.

Step 2: Apply the C.R.A.A.P test to the source to determine if it is credible and reliable. Click here to download a copy of The C.R.A.A.P. Test Worksheet. Remember, credible sources should score 35 points or more on the test.

Step 3: Identify your source in the box below.

Step 4: Fill in the blanks below to generate the summary portion of your bibliography entry. Type the completed sentences into the textboxes.

It seems this source is arguing ____________________.

This source is using this evidence to support that argument: ____________________.

Step 5: Fill in the blank below to generate the credibility portion of your bibliography entry. Type the completed sentence into the textbox.

Personally, I believe (the source is doing a good job/bad job of supporting its arguments and why) ____________________.

Step 6: Fill in the blanks below to generate the relevance portion of your bibliography entry. Type the completed sentences into the textboxes.

My problem is ________________________.

This is my intended argument: ________________________.

I think this source will be very helpful in supporting my argument because ________________________.

I think this source will support my other sources because ________________________.

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