Answering the following questions after readings the pages

January 12, 2021

Answering the following questions after readings the pages


You can use either the online essay OR the book, if you have it, to answer the assigned questions.

The link for the online essay is:

The questions are as follows:

  1. According to Finkelstein, what is Goldhagen’s central thesis in HWE?
  2. On page 6, Finkelstein writes that “there is no prima facie grounds for dismissing Goldhagen’s thesis.” What does he mean by that?
  3. Finkelstein points to a few different contradictions in Goldhagen’saccount. Explain one of them, and evaluate whether or not it is indeed a contradiction.
  4. Finkelstein claims that HWE “is a monument to question begging” (page 10). What IS question begging, and how does Goldhagen do it? (Hint: “begging the question” is not the same as “raises the question,” although in popular speech, they are often used interchangeably).
  5. On page 21, Finkelstein objects to Goldhagen’s use of secondary sources. What are the problems with the secondary sources and howGoldhagen uses them, according to Finkelstein?
  6. Finkelstein maintains that based on Goldhagen’s definition of anti-Semitism, virtually anyone could be considered anti-Semitic. How doesGoldhagen define anti-Semitism? Is Finkelstein’s criticism legitimate? Explain.
  7. What is some historical evidence Finkelstein brings up about German society that complicates Goldhagen’s thesis that German society was rabidly anti-Semitic? What evidence does Finkelstein use to complicateGoldhagen’s assertion that anti-Semitism was the only cause of the Holocaust?
  8. On page 46, Finkelstein identifies 3 main strategies that Goldhagenuses to support his thesis: tacit admission; minimization; and misrepresentation. He then documents examples of these in the table following. Choose one of his examples and evaluate whether Finkelstein’s critique is a fair one. Secondly, choose one of these tactics and apply it to the subject of your research paper. Does your subject at any point minimize or misrepresent information? Explain.
  9. Finkelstein claims that in his analysis of the Holocaust, “Goldhagen manages to get nearly everything about the Nazi holocaust wrong. The wrong questions are posed. The wrong answers are given. The wrong lessons are learned” (pg 56). Explain how Finkelstein supports these criticisms of Goldhagen’s book, and evaluate how fair and/or accurate these criticisms are.
  10. In his third Chapter, “Reflections on the GoldhagenPhenomenon,” Finkelsteinspeculates on why Goldhagen’s book received such immense popular claim. What are those reasons, and how does Finkelstein support them? (10 points)

Note: The page #’s apply only to the book, not the online essay. Furthermore, question number 10 is only in the book.

please the answer for each questions should be at least paragraph to receive the whole points.

I posted the link at the beginning of the page so you can copy the link and pest it in Google and it will pump on Google.

Thank you so much

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