astronomy observation log

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January 12, 2021
DeGloma, T., & Friedman, A. (2005). Thinking with socio-mental filters: Exploring the social structuring of attention and significance. Conference Papers––American Sociological Association, 1–24.
January 12, 2021

astronomy observation log

this assignment is an astronomy observation log. just add weeks oct 21- dec 2 one log per week except oct 29,30




pretty easy. just find date and research what wouldve been seen in the sy that night and make up an object used/ no more iphone! ( binoculars of an affordable brand can be listed/ and telescope of affordable brand) once you see attachment there its pretty self explanatory. ill give websites to help. look for nyc area


can use any nyc address on the log already . log up to the following week til now. pls remember there was a hurricane here! so pls dont log the day before, of and after hurricane. ill give you some websites to use so just plug it into log and make it snazzy ! would help if you’re good at astronomy. ALSO feel free to use your own websites to help with the log. as long as the log makes sense. 


pleas ask if you have questions

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