Beware of Evil Squirrels physics homework help

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March 10, 2023
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March 10, 2023

Beware of Evil Squirrels physics homework help

Read the following 4 articles:

1- Read chapter 10 (“Beware of Evil Squirrels”) of “How to teach physics to your dog” (pages from 209 to 228) :

2- The quantum fabric of space-time:…

3- Sages and Scientists: Certain of Uncertainty:…

4- Quantum physics claims there IS an afterlife, claims physicist:…

make 3 discussion posts , discussing the above articles and general tactics to spot pseudoscience (especially related to quantum physics). Which parts of the articles are accurate (if any)? Which parts of them are nonsense (if any)? How easy or hard is the nonsense to detect? What misconceptions about quantum physics do you see being portrayed? Do they fall into the categories laid out in chapter 10 of “How to teach physics to your dog”? What “red flags” do you see that alert you to nonsense being detected, other than just things they get wrong about quantum physics. What do you look for to indicate an article is valid?

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