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January 12, 2021
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January 12, 2021

bule ocean stra

Select a publicly traded organization (both a different industry and different company from the one you used in the Unit 2 assignment) that has demonstrated success in its industry in the last five (5) years. Using this organization, address the following:

  • Recap the key points of theory covered for strategy, innovation, planning, and ethics, comparing and contrasting each.
  • Identify an innovation strategy example (blue ocean, disruptive, fast second, or value) for your case study organization.
  • Determine which innovation strategy theory best fits this case study organization:
    • Explain what this organization did to create or develop and seize this opportunity.
    • Define which innovation theory fits this opportunity.
    • Explain how you reached your conclusion. What evidence did you use to make this determination?
  • Analyze the implications of the organization’s innovation strategy on growth. Has the organization been able to sustain success? What are its prospects for the future?
  • Identify and assess the factors that affected the organization’s success (or failure).
  • Analyze how the application of strategic management and planning has played a part in defining the organization’s ongoing innovation strategies and business model.
  • Analyze where and how ethics and sustainability affect the organization’s innovation strategy and execution.

Your submitted paper must meet the following requirements:

  • Correlate your responses to the text readings and assigned articles.
  • Use a minimum of five (5) PRJ, PJ, and other references in addition to the assigned unit readings.
  • Be a minimum of 1800 words in length.
  • Follow APA (6th edition) guidelines for style and format, including a cover page and headings.




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