business law paper 3 pages cannot be longer

Sherwood, G., & Barnsteiner, J. (2012). Quality and safety in Nursing: A competency approach to improving outcomes. Chichester, West Sussex: Wiley-Blackwell.
January 12, 2021
How could you use this theory to direct care in a nursing unit if you were the manager
January 12, 2021

business law paper 3 pages cannot be longer

I have to write a paper on contract law.  Cannot be longer than 3 pages.  Has to list the facts in bullet points, 12 font in Times New Roman.  Please see attached for case and directions.


Attached document is what I have to do it on…the first s the directions under “You be the Judge”  

Next is the chapter with cintract law that the paper is to be on.

The case is the very last page – DeMasse v. Itt corporation

Must cite if using anything from chapter.

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