January 12, 2021

C Visual studios

Using Classes

  • Define the functions declared in BossFight.h so that main.cpp produces results similar to when BossFight.obj is included in the project
  • For each turn, each member of the party will attack the boss, then the boss will attack the party: either one full damage attack on one member, or a ½ damage attack on the entire party.

Three files are provided to you.

  • Main.cpp contains the driver that will run the declared functions to ensure they work properly, it does not need to be altered or submitted.
  • BossFight.h contains the declarations and function prototypes related to the class, it does not need to be altered or submitted.
  • BossFight.obj contains a compiled solution that will allow you to test existing functionality. It needs to be removed from your project for you to test your own implementation. It will be replaced by your submission, which you can think of as “BossFight.cpp”. This cpp file will be the only file that you are submitting.


1 – Filename and Header

1.5 – Documentation, readability, format

1.5 – Output testing

2 – Proper program flow (conditions, loops, functions, etc)

3 – Proper use of classes

1 – Proper multi-file project


//Author: Eric May (your name)

//CPSC 120 Lab 9

//<MM/DD/YY> (Current Date)


<Last Name><First Initial>lab9.cpp

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