Major Assignment.Please Do Your Best, Follow Instruction And Use RUBRIC.
March 16, 2022
Post- Arleigh- leadership
March 16, 2022

Change Management Models

InstructionsGaining an understanding of the various models of leadership theory is critical in order to understand what skills and abilities are needed to influence the desired change in an organization.Research at least two organizations that have had similar issues and successes during a change management process.For this assignment, write a 2-3 page analysis of the problems and the change models that were implemented to address each organization’s problems.Next, you will compare and contrast the change models used.Assignment Requirements are as follows:Provide an overview of the issues that each organization faced.Include an example of at least three similarities and three differences between each change model.The paper should include an APA formatted cover page and reference page.The paper should include at least two peer-reviewed sources, such as journal articles from the Rasmussen Library.

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