Chaucer s Canterbury Tales research paper help

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March 9, 2023
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March 9, 2023

Chaucer s Canterbury Tales research paper help

I need a research paper.TOPIC CHOICE – • Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales as a portrait of the rising middle class in the Middle Ages.What is the picture portrayed by Canterbury Tales about the rising of the middle class in the middle ages. I paid for this once and had to withdraw because it was horrible. I need help making my paper better.

  • FINAL DRAFT of research paper due this week DO NOT TURN IN THE SAME DRAFT AS THE ROUGH DRAFT
    do not just write a plot summary. Make sure the majority of the paper is your writing— not copied from the internet. Many of you need a clear thesis and topic sentences. ORGANIZE! Ask yourself the following questions through the revision process:Does the paper fulfill its purpose of taking a stance on a literary topic and supporting the stance with information?Does the introductory paragraph get the reader’s attention?Does the paper have a clear thesis statement? Is it the last sentence in the intro?– Does it answer the prompt?Does every paragraph in the body of the paper support the thesis?Is there a CLEAR Topic Sentence that show what will be in the body paragraph ?Does the writer supply facts and quotations to support the thesis? Are they cited properly?Does the conclusion restate the paper’s thesis (in the first sentence), and does it leave the reader with something to think about?Does the paper use formal language (NO YOU, or I, or mention of the paper within the paper), a serious tone, and an objective voice to achieve its purpose of informing the audience? Grading:Purpose and voice:The research paper does an outstanding job of fulfilling its purpose of taking a stance on a literary topic and providing substantial information on the chosen topic. The writer’s voice is clear and shows interest in the topic. The details provided are complete and cover the topic fully. There is no irrelevant information present. Readers are not left with lingering questions about the topic.Ideas and Content:The research paper is on a literary topic that interests the writer. The topic is sufficiently narrow to cover well, and a thesis statement provides a clear focus for the paper. The topic is fully researched and very well developed with facts, evidence, and quotations from cited sources that include at least four sources, one of which should be a print source. The research paper includes a comprehensive Works Cited page.Structure and Organization:The research paper has a clear structure with an introductory paragraph or paragraphs that grab the reader’s attention and clearly state the thesis. Each body paragraph contains reasons or evidence in the form of facts and quotations that support the thesis. The conclusion tells readers what the writer has learned or leaves readers with something to think about. The writer uses an appropriate pattern of organization that fits the topic and thesis. Transitions are used to clarify ideas and to move smoothly within and between paragraphs. The paper includes thought-provoking and specific headings, interesting and informative graphics, and an instructive multimedia component that aids comprehension.Language and Word Choice:The student considers purpose and audience in the language, word choice,and tone of the research paper. The student uses formal language that is powerful and clear, several domain-specific words, and several literary techniques such as similes, metaphors and analogies to explain concepts and provide clear information. The tone is serious and consistently objective, with no personal opinions offered.Sentences and Mechanics:Each sentence expresses a complete thought, and sentence beginnings and structures are varied. Quotations contain the exact words of the source and are punctuated correctly. All citations within the research paper and on the Works Cited page are in proper citation format. There are extremely few errors in grammar, in usage, and in mechanics, and those errors that exist do not impede readers’ understanding

I am enclosing my rough draft which I got 140/200, and her feedback was : Organize your essay—-

You need an intro (that does not contain quotes) that has a thesis at the end of the paragraph– this should mention the topic

You do not want to use you or I or directly reference the paper (ex: In this paper there will be….)

Each body paragraph needs a topic sentence that introduces the focus of the paragraph– in the paragraph– it must only discuss what the topic sentence says it will… it should contain source info for support— put you should not end with a citation– this should be blended into the paragraph– you need to make sure the majority is your own words — if you take ANYTHING from the internet— it must be quoted and cited

The conclusion should restate the thesis (as the 1st sentence) and should not contain any new info…. like a quote


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