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March 7, 2023
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March 7, 2023

Chemistry experiment assignment help

1. 0.499g of dried KHP is dissolved in 35 mL of distilled water and titrated with potassium hydroxide (KOEI). If it took 24.40 mL of KOH to reach the endpoint, determine the concentration of KOH. Show calculations.

2. After standardizing a NaOH solution, you use it to titrate an HCI solution known to have a concentration of 0.207 M. You perform five titrations and obtain the following results:

If you forgot to dry the above KHP sample and it was later determined to contain 5.00 % water by weight, what would be the actual concentration of the KOH taking into account the water content? Show calculations.

3. If you titrate 12.50 mL HCI with 23.37 mL of a 0.103 M NaOH to reach the endpoint, determine the concentration of the HCI. Show calcuations

4. If you standardized a NaOH solution against KHP but, your buret was not clean as several drops of NaOH solution remained clinging to the inside of the buret what effect would this have on your calculated concentration? Be specific.

0211, 0.204, 0.208, 0.199, and 0.197 M.

a) What is the mean?

b) What is the standard deviation?

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