Child Welfare Practice and Policy Paper

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February 13, 2021
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February 13, 2021

Child Welfare Practice and Policy Paper

Child Welfare Practice and Policy Paper: 20%

The purpose of this assignment is to obtain information about both policy and practice about child welfare. This assignment will produce a 4-5 page paper regarding an area of child welfare practice you are interested in (i.e. substance affected families, childhood sexual abuse, children aging out of foster care, etc.). The paper should follow the outline below:

Overview of the topic area, including prevalence, history, and policy that works to address it. Include here a discussion of whether or not the identified policy fairly and accurately considers cultural differences (2 pages)

Rationale for your choice of the topic (1/2 page)

Effective services described in the literature that treat this child welfare concern and whether or not these services have included diverse experiences and various cultural beliefs and practices in how they are developed and conducted (1/2 page include references).

Issues of culture and diversity and how this issue is experienced and responded to based on cultural differences (1 pages)

Recommendations for change and conclusion, including a discussion of how power the power structure in the child welfare system often creates barriers or limits opportunities for diverse groups. (1 pages, include references).

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