Civil Rights Activist Dr Martin Luther King Jr writing homework help

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March 19, 2023
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March 19, 2023

Civil Rights Activist Dr Martin Luther King Jr writing homework help

Need first draft revised and i also need a little more information added to the paragraphs. Each paragraph must contain 1 quote and 1 paraphrase. Also each paragraph must include to different sources. Please be sure to use lead in, or signal phrases when introducing the quote or paraphrase. Also please make sure you cite your quotes and signal phrases (MLA format)

I need more information included in each paragraph. For the first paragraph, I need more specific details on why he was the leader of the civil rights movement. Ex: bus boycott etc…

For the second paragraph, I also need more details added to the his end to racial segregation. Ex: schools, transportation, housing, employment

The third paragraph I need more details on his response to non violent resistance.

Any sources you use must be reliable and I need to be able to access it. I will upload the first draft, and also the outline


Topic: Civil Rights Activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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