Week 1 Discussion Forum
April 29, 2022
National Practice Problem Exploration
April 29, 2022

Clinical Supervision

Discussion: Clinical Supervision

In Week 3, you collaborated with colleagues as you participated in your first clinical supervision. This week, you have the opportunity to continue your collaboration as you reflect on and discuss your experiences with counseling children and adolescents in group settings. Psychotherapy with these clients is often more complex than psychotherapy with the general adult population. Personal reflection and discussion with colleagues are essential to your development and success as a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. For this clinical supervision, consider a child or adolescent client you are counseling who you do not think is adequately progressing according to expected clinical outcomes.

Learning Objectives
Students will:
  • Assess clients presenting for child and adolescent group psychotherapy
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of therapeutic approaches for clients receiving child and adolescent group psychotherapy
To prepare:
  • Review this week’s media and consider the insights provided on group therapy with children and adolescents.
  • Reflect on a child and adolescent group that you are currently counseling at your practicum site.

Post a 3- to 5-minute Kaltura video that addresses the following:

  • Describe a child and adolescent group you are counseling.
  • Describe a client from the group who you do not think is adequately progressing according to expected clinical outcomes. Note: Do not use the client’s actual name.
  • Explain your therapeutic approach with the group, including your perceived effectiveness of your approach with the client you identified.
  • Identify any additional information about this group and/or client that may potentially impact expected outcomes.

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