Community Budget Analysis complete assignment for BPA 301

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March 13, 2023
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March 13, 2023

Community Budget Analysis complete assignment for BPA 301

Community Budget Analysis

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You are the City Administrator for your community. You received a letter from a community member demanding to know why their tax dollars are being used by the city for landscaping instead of for the police, and why they don’t get a say in the allocation of funds.

Obtain a copy of the current annual budget for your local community as well as the previous year’s budget.

Analyze the documents and notate changes between them.

Identify the top three programs or services where funds are allocated on an annual basis.

Prepare a professional letter that diplomatically recognizes the concern of the community member.

Provide a valid argument as to why the community is in need of what is budgeted and the process involved in creating the annual budget for the community.

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