Complete your Week 7 required discussion prompt.

Module 2: Discussion Question N494
April 25, 2022
Policy and Advocacy for Improving Population Health
April 25, 2022

Complete your Week 7 required discussion prompt.

340 discussion Board Discussion

Complete your Week 7 required discussion prompt.

· After viewing your classmates’ presentations, describe some new things you learned about two different vulnerable populations other than the one you researched.

Complete your Week 8 required discussion prompt.

As you look back on Sessions A & B of Public Health Nursing, reflect on what you knew then and what you know now about the role of the public health nurse and her/his importance locally as well as globally to various communities.

Topic related with presentation

· Vulnerable Population Presentation

· Health Education


· Prevention of Pressure Injuries in the Elderly New comment


· Homeless Population New comment

· Vulnerable Population: The Elderly Living in Nursing Homes

· vulnerable population: Homeless

· Elderly Population

· Vulnerable Population

· Vulnerable Population New comment

· Vulnerable Population

· Vulnerable Schizophrenia population

· Elderly Population with Alzheimer’s Disease

· Marcelin,Naomie Vulnerable Population choice Elderly

· Vulnerable Population

· Vulnerable Population

· Vulnerable Population: Homeless Population

· Vulnerable Population- Homeless by Jessica Guglielm

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