Congressional Representatives and Lawmaking political science homework help

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March 19, 2023
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March 19, 2023

Congressional Representatives and Lawmaking political science homework help

*Students should read the textbook section on the process of a bill becoming law before completing the assignment.


Begin by visiting the website of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. Then identify the House of Representatives member who represents you, based on your address, and select one of the two U.S. Senators representing Texas: John Cornyn or Ted Cruz. Your House and Senate representative will have a page on their respective website. The information needed to complete the assignment is either on the member page or is available through a link within the House and Senate site.

Next, describe your House and Senate representative in terms of:

1) education and experience prior to being elected to Congress

2) how long they have served in Congress and

3) their committee assignments.

Finally, identify one piece of legislation your House member OR Senator was recently able to pass. Describe the legislative PROCESS the bill followed from Introduction to executive authorization. Include a time line of the process. Select a bill that is meaningful, one that will have a positive impact on your district or the country. There will be many bills from which to choose. Take the time to read several bill summaries before choosing the one you will write about.

The paper must be 1000 words (which is about 3 pages), use MLA format:12 pitch font, 1 inch margins, double spacing and reference at least three (3) college level sources. Submit the paper through e-campus SafeAssign and bring a typed print copy to class on the due date.

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