Connectivity Troubleshooting discussion help

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March 8, 2023
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March 8, 2023

Connectivity Troubleshooting discussion help

“Connectivity Troubleshooting” Please respond to the following:

The desktop administrator at a remote satellite office called you to let you know that one of their users is having connectivity problems. Based on what you’ve learned this week in your lab work, answer the following:

  • What questions would you ask?
  • Let’s say that the response from the administrator indicated that they’ve not been following the proper networking methods. Identify one thing NOT to do when it comes to running cable, and then talk about a few steps you’d take to remedy the situation.

Answer the questions IN YOUR OWN WORDS before you look at any of your classmate’s posts. There’s no wrong answer here, but let’s get the conversation going on some things you might run into when you get on the job.

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