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March 13, 2023
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Contracts and Sales law assignment help

As background, read the “Ethical Issues” involving LeAnn Rimes and her recording contract appearing in Chapter 11 on page 249 of the text.

Then either (1) perform your own online research about a contractual dispute in the entertainment industry involving the performer(s) of your choice, or (2) research the famous contractual dispute between Charlie Sheen and the producers of Two and a Half Men. Using your research, answer the following questions:

What were the basic terms of the contract(s) you researched?

Were these terms fair? Why did the individual you researched disagree with the contract? How did the dispute arise?

Did the parties have equal bargaining power? Do you believe a court should enforce the contract or find it unconscionable? How was the dispute ultimately resolved?

If you were a member of the entertainment industry, how would you change the contract’s terms to help avoid a similar dispute in the future? If you were the entertainer, how would you try to amend the terms of any future contract you sign in order to protect yourself?

Support your answer with facts and statistics you have researched. Please cite at least two (2) separate references using proper APA format. minimum of a 100- word

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