Creating an online course writing homework help

January 12, 2021

Creating an online course writing homework help

Creating an Online Course

In Week Four, you created a CourseSites account and began to explore this tool. This week you will begin to create a course. If you recall, last week you created a delivery plan for a blended course. This week, you will start to put that plan into action and create the online component of your blended course. Perform the following tasks:

Step 1: Create a Course.

Sign into your CourseSites account and create a new course.

Give your course a name that includes your first initial and last name..

Step 2: Customize your Homepage.

Enter your course and after making sure the “Edit mode” is on, click the Customize Page link. Select a theme to apply to your course. You may also rearrange the elements on your home page to create a layout that you feel would be suitable for your course.

Step 3: Create a Welcome Announcement.

Next, create a welcome announcement. This will be the first thing that your students should see upon entering the course. The announcement should be informative welcome.

Step 4: Create a Course Description.

While in edit mode and on the Homepage, add a “Content Area” and label it “Course Description.” To review how this is done, view the “Modifying the Course Menu” video within the “Getting Started with CourseSites” training under “Build.”

You will see a Course Description link appear in the main menu along the left. While on that page, click “Build Content” and Create “Item.” Label it Course Description and within the text box provide a full description of your course. Things you should include are the main topics students will cover, learning objectives, and skills students will develop.

Finally move the Course Description page so that it is under the Home page along the left in the main menu.

Step 5: Create Guest Access and Submit your Assignment.

Before submitting this assignment, you will need to allow for guests (i.e. your instructor and in the future, fellow students) to access your course.

Click the following link for a jobaid that will take you through this process and show you the link you will use when sharing your course with others.

Submit the assignment by creating an appropriate title page that includes the link to your CourseSite Course Guest Account so that your instructor can log in to check your work. Upload it to the assigments upload area.

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