CRM software English homework help

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March 12, 2023
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March 12, 2023

CRM software English homework help

The work plan预览文档在新窗口中查看 is a preliminary outline of the report you will be putting together in the coming weeks. See the sample work plan on page 240 of B&T. Also make sure you’ve looked through the content on this page.

This Page is below:

Here are a paired sample work plan预览文档在新窗口中查看 and final report 预览文档在新窗口中查看on LinkedIn’s unlimited vacation policy, with a few annotations from me on the side.

*This is just ONE sample — please do not mimic the exact organization as you will choose a different report topic. Your analytical report does not have to be organized by “advantages” and “disadvantages” — it depends on the topic.

Here is an example of a report where the student focused on an issue in his hometown:

Analytical Report I预览文档在新窗口中查看

Think of the AR as a version of persuasive writing formatted and delivered as a report that reflects “real-world” implications. Topics of interest could range from current events, to issues you have encountered in your school or work life.

As with previous assignments, it will be important for you to identify a real context and audience, even if you are writing from a hypothetical position.

**Please skim through both reports.

(Both were “A”-range papers.)

***Here is the general grading criteria预览文档在新窗口中查看 — please follow the AR guidelines 预览文档在新窗口中查看(+ work plan guidelines预览文档在新窗口中查看) for details.

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