cyber security concerns computer science homework help

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March 8, 2023
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March 8, 2023

cyber security concerns computer science homework help

Response needed, needs to seem like a dialogue:

As mentioned in last week’s discussion, insider threats are huge cyber security concerns. Snowden was exactly that, an insider threat.In fact as a recent CSO Online article put it, “he’s the poster child for insider threats.” (Zurkus, 2016)Being a systems administrator for the NSA I am sure Snowden had access to a plethora of information and systems, putting him in a good situation to acquire and leak information.Due to his breach better policies must be in place to not only hire the right people, but to also monitor employees and ensure the right level of access is allowed. But this can be tricky for all.Chris Inglis, former deputy director at the NSA states that the trick is to “find the balance between providing users what they need while at the same time ensuring they do no harm.”(Zurkus, 2016)

The Snowden affair not only brought light to insider threats, but also brought to light the lack of secure information.Many technology firms have backdoors built into their systems or software to allow your information to be accessed regardless.Organizations and individuals must start encrypting their data when necessary, and have a strong identity and access management program. (Eijndhoven, 2014)Snowden brought to the forefront who accesses your data and how it is accessed.Unfortunately I don’t think it can be entirely stopped, but his revelations give all an insight of what is being tracked.


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