Describe the characteristics of abusive parents and their children? What are the major consequences of abuse for children?

explain why it is an ethical imperative for us, as Christians doing research/clinical work, to describe and evaluate the demographic characteristics of the sample we are using as a comparison group for other test takers.
January 12, 2021
Compare the theory to alternative theoretical positions that are currently used by researchers in personality psychology
January 12, 2021

Describe the characteristics of abusive parents and their children? What are the major consequences of abuse for children?


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Chapter 151. What are the major issues related to abusive parents and child neglect?2. Describe the characteristics of abusive parents and their children? What are the major consequences of abuse for children?3. What intervention strategies help parents control their abusiveness and provide support for children.4. What effects can be observed in a family and its members when one or both are affected by substance abuse and addictive disorders?5. What factors interact to place a family at high risk. What contributes to fragile families.Chapter 16:1. Describe the Risk and Resilience Model in terms of good parenting outcomes.2. Discuss the protective factors for childhood and adolescence and Brofenbrenner’s Ecological System’s model and how it promotes good parenting and resilient outcomes.3. Who are the Millennials? What are the characteristics that differentiate this generation?4. Discuss changing family demographics today and relationship to parenting. Be specific.

Research from the past century has claimed empirical support for many different hypotheses–that men and women are fundamentally different because of biological reasons; that social influences (cultural factors) are the cause of male-female differences; and that men and women are not very psychologically different at all. Literature reviews and meta-analyses attempt to parse the truth by identifying in research alpha bias, which is the tendency to exaggerate differences, and beta bias, which is the tendency to minimize differences.

Central to an examination of alpha and beta bias related to gender is a concept called androcentrism. This term refers to the practice of placing masculinity or the male gender at the center of a worldview, thus rendering it the “norm.” Feminine or other gender perspectives become, by definition, “other.” Androcentrism may be unconsciously incorporated as the paradigm through which perceptions and judgments are made, influencing research when subtle biases of the researchers or research designs go undetected.

In this Discussion, you will explore potential causes and effects of alpha and beta errors and their impact on research related to gender.

To prepare

· Take the Gender Traits Test in this week’s Learning Resources and reflect on your results.

· Based on the results and on information presented in this week’s Learning Resources, think about how these results may minimize or exaggerate differences between masculine and feminine traits. Examine Figure 4.1 in your course text for a visual representation of the distribution of differences.

By Day 4

Post an explanation regarding how assessments such as the Gender Traits Test relate to alpha and beta errors. Does this type of assessment overemphasize or minimize differences between masculine and feminine traits? What possible impact might this type of assessment have on research related to gender? (Note: You should not disclose your own test score.)

Readings for this week discussion question; Helgeson, V. S. (2017). Psychology of gender (5th ed.). New York, NY: Taylor and Francis.











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