designing operating systems for traditional PCs computer science homework help

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March 9, 2023
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March 9, 2023

designing operating systems for traditional PCs computer science homework help

Need answers for two topics

1. For your main post, choose any two of the following topics to discuss:

  • Describe some of the challenges of designing operating systems for mobile devices compared with designing operating systems for traditional PCs.
  • Identify several advantages and several disadvantages of open-source operating systems. Include the types of people who would find each aspect to be an advantage or a disadvantage.
  • Some computer systems do not provide a privileged mode of operation in hardware. Is it possible to construct a secure operating system for these computer systems? Give arguments both that it is and that it is not possible.

Your main posting is due at the end of Week 1 to give classmates time to review and make comments.

2. Research and read about Operating Systems

Write a two-page review of an article about the subject of operating systems that appeared in a recent computing magazine or academic journal (older than 2 years is not acceptable) and include the following: Give a summary of the article, including the primary topic, your own summary of the information presented, and the author’s conclusion. Give your personal evaluation of the article, including topics that made the article interesting to you (or not) and its relevance to your own experiences. Be sure to proof and edit you work before submitting. Always cite your source using APA guidelines.

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