develop anti bias action plan african americans

6053 Assignment 1
January 14, 2021
NRS-441V, Capstone Project Develop a searchable question using the PICOT format
January 14, 2021

develop anti bias action plan african americans

For this part of the course project, you will identify barriers that may prevent your group (African Americans) from participating in learning environments, envision an all-inclusive environment for your group, and develop an anti-bias action plan to meet that vision.


Finding ways to counteract bias and discrimination can be challenging. In this final part of this week’s course project, you will create an Anti-Bias Action Plan based on the information you have researched that details the steps necessary to counteract the type of bias and/or discrimination that your selected group (African Americans) has experienced.

In a 7 page paper, include the following details:


  • List and explain the current barriers you identified in Part 1 of this week’s assignment.
  • State at least two alternative methods for overcoming those barriers.
  • Indicate which method is the best for this particular situation, and explain why.

Inclusive Environment

  • Describe the inclusive environment for your group that you envisioned in Part 2 of this week’s assignment.
  • Discuss the benefits of having a diverse group within that environment.
  • Suggest activities that promote an inclusive environment for children and families in the group you have chosen.

Action Steps

  • State the ultimate goal for your group relative to the bias/discrimination it has been experiencing.
  • Outline the action steps needed to best counteract the type of bias and/or discrimination that your selected group has experienced.
  • Identify the resources or materials, if any, that will be needed to achieve the goal.
  • Develop a realistic timeline for implementing the action plan.


  • Identify any obstacles or risks that might prevent your plan from being carried out.
  • Explain whether the action is worth taking those risks.

Format your paper using APA formatting. For help with formatting your paper, visit the APA Guide.

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