Developmental Dyslexia writing homework help

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March 9, 2023
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March 9, 2023

Developmental Dyslexia writing homework help

Article Review 2 (scholarly article)

The second review should be from a scholarly article. Scholarly articles are in journals such as Exceptional Children, Remedial and Special Education; Behavior Disorders, etc. The key to look for is whether the journal has pictures – if it does, it’s very unlikely that it is a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal. The scholarly article may be a literature review, a study, or a “talk piece.”

To pick a topic for your reviews,look at the course schedule topics list below:

Concept of Specific Learning Disability – Is it a construct worth saving?

Interventions for Students ADHD

Increasing Reading Fluency

Enhancing Reading Comprehension

Speech Disorders

Instruction for Students with Language Disorders

Dyslexia (Be careful with this one! The definition is not what you probably think it is!)



Learned Helplessness

Direct Instruction

Emotional & Behavioral Supports for Students with LD

Learning Strategy Development and Use

Graphic Organizers

Mnemonic Devices

Response to Intervention

Other topics by approval

Choose one topic that interest you and then search ERIC or PsychInfo using the library databases for articles in the area.

When reviewing the paper ask yourself how the topic relates to students with learning disabilities and what the implications are for students and teachers. The topic MUST be related to students with high-incidence disabilities. Do not pick a topic about students with severe disabilities autism. If you’re in doubt, clear it with one of us first.

On the day you turn in the review, be prepared to share your paper with another student or the class during a discussion at the beginning of class.

i would like to chose this topic : Dyslexia

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