Discuss the process for hypothesis testing assignment help

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March 11, 2023
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March 11, 2023

Discuss the process for hypothesis testing assignment help

  1. Discuss the process for hypothesis testing.
    • Discuss the 8 steps of hypothesis testing?
    • When performing the 8 steps for hypothesis testing, which method do you prefer; P-Value method or Critical Value method? Why?
  • Perform the hypothesis test.
    • Option 2:
      • Original Claim: The average age of all patients admitted to the hospital with infectious diseases is less than 65 years of age.
      • Test the claim using α = 0.05 and assume your data is normally distributed and σ is unknown.
    • Based on your selected topic, answer the following:
      1. Write the null and alternative hypothesis symbolically and identify which hypothesis is the claim.
      2. Is the test two-tailed, left-tailed, or right-tailed? Explain.
      3. Which test statistic will you use for your hypothesis test; z-test or t-test? Explain.
      4. What is the value of the test-statistic? What is the P-value?
      5. What is the critical value?
      6. What is your decision; reject the null or do not reject the null?
        1. Explain why you made your decision including the results for your p-value and the critical value.
      7. State the final conclusion in non-technical terms.

Please show your work for the construction of the test-statistic and explain your process for finding the p-value and critical value. Be sure to use the Equation Editor to format your equations.

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