Discussion 4 506
January 24, 2023
Health Organization Evaluation
January 24, 2023


I NEED A RESPONSE FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT2 REFERENCESThe management of alcohol abuse has since been a challenge, but with effective application of Naltrexone, commonly known as ReVia and Vivitrol, has been known to produce positive results for alcohol addicts (Patten, Schultz & Berlau, 2018). In addition, tranquilizer such as Benzodiazepines in correct doses also helps manage the withdrawal effects accustomed with alcohol abuse (Antonelli et al., 2018). Doctors have also recommended methadone as a viable treatment program to manage the pain that accompanies those who abuse alcohol and other substances such as heroine.ReferencesAntonelli, M., Ferrulli, A., Sestito, L., Vassallo, G. A., Tarli, C., Mosoni, C., … & Addolorato, G. (2018). Alcoholaddiction-the safety of available approved treatment options. Expert opinion on drug safety, 17(2),169-177.Patten, D. K., Schultz, B. G., & Berlau, D. J. (2018). The safety and efficacy of low‐dose naltrexone in themanagement of chronic pain and inflammation in multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, Crohn’s disease, andother chronic pain disorders. Pharmacotherapy: The ournal of Human Pharmacology and DrugTherapy, 38(3), 382-389.

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