draft and feed back English homework help

January 12, 2021

draft and feed back English homework help

We strongly encourage you make every effort to coordinate with other students to complete this activity synchronously or asynchronously; there are tangible benefits from talking with others in the community who are working on the same writing tasks as you. Getting their opinions about how to be successful will provide you with valuable perspective. However, if you find yourself unable to coordinate a meeting with any of your classmates, you may instead complete the following work:

  • Carefully read at least four of your classmates’ rough drafts for Project 1, along with the feedback they received on those drafts. You can go outside of your animal-named Teams for drafts if you wish. Access this material from the Discussion Board forum that houses drafts and peer review.
  • In analytical paragraphs totaling at least 300 words, explain what you learned from studying these drafts and their feedback that you can specifically apply to your own drafting and revision of Project 1.

Please submit this alternative assignment in the same location/way as those completing the Team Activity. Note that this alternative assignment will likely require more work from you than participation in the Team Activity. Be specific and thorough as you explain the takeaways you gained from this experience.

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