dual diag health and medicine homework help

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March 8, 2023
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March 8, 2023

dual diag health and medicine homework help

Respond to at least one of your classmates. Your informed responses MUST be a minimum of 100 words. Your response will be graded and should demonstrate your ability to understand the topic being discussed. The 100 word requirement is for both your initial post/response and also your response(s) to your classmate(s).


Imagine that you are preparing to lead a psychoeducational group for relatives of clients, including Elaine’s family members. What type of information would you share with the group regarding the following:

* support, information, skills

* behavioral strategies for limiting stressful interactions

* problem-solving strategies for handling crises

* information on how to effectively work with community service providers

* the overlapping nature of mental illness and addictions

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