ece311 week 1 discussion 2 RESPONSE m b psychology homework help

January 12, 2021

ece311 week 1 discussion 2 RESPONSE m b psychology homework help

After reviewing the post, respond and offer suggestions for meeting the challenges they described. 5 sentences or more.

The DAP challenges

One challenge I do agree with in DAP is that children that are in poverty or in low income schools should have the same opportunity as wealthy children. They should have the same resources and get the same education as children that are wealthy. Some people that are in low incomes schools system do not have the necessary resources for their children to become successful. It is important that parents are engage with school and have access to resources such as scholarships, tutoring, volunteering, and much more to help with their child or children. Parents have to stay engaged and find more resources that are available in their local communities and neighborhoods.

Another challenge teachers must foster learning and development in both, as well as in the emotional and physical domains. Teaching is not just a mentally thing that you can just scold children and expect them to learn. You have to make sure you are as an instructor meeting your students’ needs emotionally and physically. You can do so by having monthly meeting with each students asking them what they would like to see in the classroom like a suggestion box. You can also have signs around the classroom letting the children know that they can always come and talk to you whenever they feel free to help them with their emotional needs.

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