ece311 week 2 discussion 1 RESPONSE a m Offer an additional example of how development of the age groups psychology homework help

January 12, 2021

ece311 week 2 discussion 1 RESPONSE a m Offer an additional example of how development of the age groups psychology homework help

Offer an additional example of how development of the age groups your classmates selected influence curriculum decisions in 5 sentences or more.

Age Group: 3 to 5 years old


Children in this age range need physical activity daily plus healthy choices to eat to remain healthy at this age. Gross and fine motor development are very important for all children to start developing at an age younger than 3 but then refine these skills during 3 to 5.

Socio- emotional:

Children around the ages 3 to 5 are really learning that their actions have reactions, they can also come with good or bad consequences. They are also learning about their emotions and how to express them without causing harm or expressing them in a negative way. At my center we use conscious discipline to help the children learn about their emotions and controlling them. in the book it states ” Theories from many branches of psychology inform our understanding about the development of ego, personality, identity, empathy, and morality in young children (Charlesworth, 2004; Levine & Munsch, 2011) and lead to the different approaches that teachers use to guide children to function in socially acceptable ways.”(Jaruszewicz, 2012)


Cognitive development is what they children are learning and retaining. When developing their cognitive these are the skills they are learning to help build their base of skills and knowledge for school and for life. The cognitive development is helping their brain develop getting them ready for the next step in any task. Things included in this area would be things like learning their numbers, letters, name, starting to write all the things getting them ready for school.

Children with special needs are always a joy in my classes but also take a lot more individualized attention. Understanding the disability completely is the best way to help you as the teacher help the child to learn and be included in the classroom. I have always wanted to work in a special needs room so when i do get the children that need the extra help and attention i love it. “Inclusion of children with disabilities serves several important purposes. First, typically developing young children who grow up within a diverse environment learn and internalize acceptance of their differently abled peers, which leads to higher levels of self-esteem among children who might otherwise feel marginalized or stigmatized.”(Jaruszewicz, 2012)


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