Ethical Issues Related to Social Media
January 23, 2023
NURS 6521: Advanced Pharmacology Walden University Decision Tree
January 23, 2023


Using the CDC Wonder website, set the query criteria for pancreatic cancer for the United States as illustrated below. Compare the rates by race for Wisconsin and Colorado. Discuss possible biological, genetic, and environmental reasons for differences. What are potential social determinants that contribute to the disparity presented between the two states?Use this query upon entering the CDC Wonder website:Select “Cancer Statistics” under the Wonder Systems tabSelect “Cancer Incidence 1999 – 2013” and click “Data Request”Organize table layout:Group results by 1. States and 2. Race (leave the rest of the group options as “None”)Measures – click “Count” (default) and “Age Adjusted Rates”Select location – select “States” and “The United States”Select year and demographicsYear – 2014Sex – All gendersAge groups – All agesEthnicity – All ethnicitiesRace – All racesSelect cancers of interest – select “Pancreas”Other options – keep default settings

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