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January 25, 2023
January 25, 2023

Employment Reflection Page

EmploymentDuring the course of this certificate program you have spent a considerable amount of time working on employment strategies. You likely decided to return to school because you know education is the best path to employment. Employers are looking for employees with a solid skill set, the ability to learn, and the soft skills to be a good employee.The skill set comes with the courses, the ability to learn is shown by passing the courses and earning the Certificate, the soft skills we have both included in coursework and exemplified by our actions. Soft skills are those things that make good employees. Good employees arrive to work on time, work hard during paid hours, treat everyone with dignity and respect, and are honest and trustworthy.Do not be afraid to include within your ePortfolio these aspects of your work ethic.Complete this phase of the ePortfolio.Include the following aspects in the assignment:Ø  Meet with your Career Corner Mentor for a final wrap-upØ  Add any missing pieces to your ePortfolioØ  Send your ePortfolio link to a potential employerØ  Complete a job interview (if possible)Ø  Submit the link of your ePortfolio to the dropbox for the instructor to gradeØ  Write a reflection of this entire process and submit to the dropbox. This reflection should be 1-2 pages long and address each point. College writing should always have proper sentence structure, grammar and spelling as should the ePortfolio.

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