Endless Night BY Agatha Christie English homework help

January 12, 2021

Endless Night BY Agatha Christie English homework help

Endless Night by Agatha Christie


  1. You should plan to carefully read and write at least 30 annotations. Annotate means “to mark up or interpret.” This means that you will record reflective comments on pieces of paper so you can show me what you were thinking while reading.
  1. You must write a reflective annotation at least once every 10 pages.

Page #

Quote from book



To annotate means to interpret, or according to dictionary.com, it means “to supply with critical or explanatory notes.” Therefore, no matter what you write, DO NOT SUMMARIZE (or you will not receive a passing grade). As you read books or do research, you should comment in the margins or on a separate sheet of paper to demonstrate how you are engaging with the text.

Vary your annotations. Do not rely on just a few options.


Literary Terms:

This metaphor means…

The setting in this scene is significant (or symbolic, etc.) because…

This event/detail/etc. is symbolic because…

This is ironic because…

Personal Reflection: Character Analysis:

I feel ____________ because… This character seems __because…

This makes me _____________ because…

I cannot believe that ____________ because…

Ask Questions: Draw conclusions:

Why would …? Based on this paragraph, I think…

I wonder if …

Make a personal connection: Make a Prediction:

I experienced this when… I predict that ________ because…

Make an outside connection:

This reminds me of ____(other novel, movie, historical moment, current event, etc.)________because…

This happened to ____________ when ___________

This character is just like the main character in _________ because


Annotations are balanced—a variety of comments– and plentiful. They appear often: you must write a reflective annotation at least once every 10 pages.

Annotations are frequent, but could be more thorough. Notes are not always every 10 pages.

Student has made minimal annotations, and/or large portions of the text are not annotated.

Annotations carefully capture the most important details, ideas, and character traits. Student is selective and highly reflective, drawing good conclusions, making important inferences, defining key terms, analyzing characters & scenes, making connections & predictions, asking in-depth questions, etc.

Annotations sometimes are insightful and feature important details.

Annotations do not go beyond plot summary. Student is not actively interacting with the text. Comments are random or haphazard.


Sally thinks like Harry Potter. Both are daring yet friendly (or some other comparison to an outside book or movie. Make connections!).

Sally is independent because she does not allow her friends to talk her into going to the party (or other comments that show you reflecting on the characters’ natures. It should be something that is NOT already stated in the novel).

I wonder if Sally will regret this decision. I predict that she will long for her innocence after this (make specific predictions, but try not to rely on this approach too much).

I would never be this bold because I am intimidated by adults; Sally has no problem yelling at her coach. (Make comparisons!)


This is funny/scary/confusing/stupid (always include why in order to be more reflective).

Sally goes to the store (or other purely plot-driven details. Go beyond plot summary—you’re in high school, not elementary school).

Hi, Ms. Smith (you’re not talking to me; you’re supposed to engage with your text).

WTF? (This is school, not a chat room. You would/should never swear at school, so don’t use the abbreviated version that means the same thing. I read all of your comments.)

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