English 103 essay from the theme What s Up with the American Dream writing homework help

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March 9, 2023
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March 9, 2023

English 103 essay from the theme What s Up with the American Dream writing homework help

Essay 4 (Argument)

Due Date

This is your final exam. It’s due by the end of April 27, Monday (Week 16/Finals week).


Your essay must be typed and double spaced. The font size should be twelve and the font style should be Times new roman or Arial. Please format according to MLA style.


You’ll write an argument in response to one essay from the theme “What’s Up with the American Dream?” in our textbook.

You’re required to pick one essay and respond to that argumentatively. If you would like to respond to more than one paper, that’s fine too, but the “requirement” is response to one essay from the above-stated theme.

You’re not required to do any outside research; however, if you decide to use outside sources to add strength to your argument, or if you want to use other essays from our textbook as extra sources, that’s just fine.

Your essay must contain in-text documentation or citation, and the last page of your document must be a “Works Cited” page that lists entries corresponding to in-text citations.

Your essay must consist of 1400 words–give or take a hundred words–(excluding the “works cited” page). This paper is to be submitted in Blackboard.

Your essay must contain a thesis statement at the end of your introduction; as this is only a one-thousand-word essay, your introduction with the summarization will need to be restricted to just one paragraph.
The “They say” and “I say” should be very clear.
If you happen to agree with an author, then you must state new reasons for why you agree. We cannot ride on someone else’s argument. Agree with a difference.
You must plant a “naysayer” and address the objections in sufficient detail.
You must address the “So what? Who cares?” question.
You must avoid logical fallacies.
Your paper should reflect critical contemplation and the result of it.
When it comes to the entries on your “Works Cited” page, the essay(s) you’re responding to should be on the list. To this, you must add other sources if you use other sources on the topic.
No long quotations are allowed in this paper, and “long” means more than four lines.
Please don’t use more than one short (four lines or less) quotation or paraphrase per type-written page.
Originality is crucial.
When you submit this essay on Blackboard, it’ll automatically go through turnitin.com.

Once again, your paper should be a response to at least one reading from the theme “What’s Up with the American Dream?” in our textbook.

Please make sure to follow all the instruction, and let me know if your have any question

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