essay 9544177 2

Response to below discussion
January 14, 2021
research proposal 15
January 14, 2021

essay 9544177 2

Find the articles you need that make a scientific claim (e.g., eating whole wheat lowers your cholesterol OR waking up before 7:00am makes you happier, etc.). 
YOU MUST SEND THEM TO ME FOR APPROVAL. Once they are approved, you need to review chapter 1 and the discussion about experiments, correlations, quasi-experiments, etc. Use that information to write a 2-page evaluation for each article including the following:

What is the hypothesis of the article?
What are the independent and dependent variables?
What design did they use to test the hypothesis?
Was their design appropriate? Why or why not?
How would you improve this research? OR
How would you design a study to test the same hypothesis?
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