Essay Proposal evaluation of an emergence medical services system

January 12, 2021

Essay Proposal evaluation of an emergence medical services system

I need you to write an essay of 4- 6 pages excluding title or reference pages. Basically, each group in my class was asked to provide a proposal about establishing a new Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system in a specific region in the USA. That means as a group we should: buy the ambulances and supplies, regulate the system, hire employees such as emergency medical technicians (EMT) who are trained to provide Basic Life Support (BLS) and Paramedics who are trained to provide Advanced Life Support (ALS), etc. in addition, as EMS system we are supposed to educate the population on basic skills such as CPR. To do this system, we are allowed to use the buildings of the current EMS system in the region. Then, each student should choose one system from the other groups’ systems and evaluate that system and discus the cons and pros of it. the proposal of the system I need you to evaluate is attached in PDF format with the title (Dorn EMS system). As well as, I am attaching another good proposal just to make it clear for you how the proposal should be, NOT to compare them.

the criteria the proposal should cover:

Executive Summary

Professional Experience (resume)

Problem Definition

Assessment of Critical Factors

Intervention Strategies


Organizational Objectives


SWOT analysis

Administrative Plan

Operational Plan

System Status Plan

One, Three and Five year plans

Plan Evaluation.

There are something that all EMS systems need to have in their systems, it’s called 14 Attributes. it’s a tool that is used to identify what EMS systems need. you can use it also to evaluate the Dorn EMS system.

the link for the these 14 Attributes is:…

the 14 Attributes are:

Integration of Health Services
EMS Research
Legislation and Regulation
System Finance
Human Resources
Medical Direction
Education Systems
Public Education
Public Access
Communication Systems
Clinical Care
Information Systems
Some problems I found in the Dorn EMS system are: (if you have different opinion and points talk about them)
1- students didn’t identify their self.
2- No geological demography.
3- No critical factors.
4- No reserve ambulances.
5- No supplies (each ambulance supply cost $40,000)
6- No plan to change their vehicles (each vehicle no more than 200k miles no more than 10 years old)
7- No plans for future (operational plan, administrational plan, financial plan, back up plan if disaster happened, and plans that treats their weaknesses in SWAT analysis).
8- low salary range for EMTs and Paramedic.
9- they didn’t talk about their 14 attributes.
10- No evaluation plan.
11- they have a good hiring system, and good health insurance for their providers.
* the Essay should be on APA format: there should be references.
contact me if you need clarification

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