Ethnography on the subculture Body Builders discussion help

January 12, 2021

Ethnography on the subculture Body Builders discussion help

Write a 5 page Ethnography on the subculture “Body Builders”. The research paper requires you to undertake the participant observation, but you can just make up a scenario of your own questions and answers that you have “engaged” in a conversation with the fitness members. Be very detailed and answer the questions thoroughly while following the rubic.

A 5 page research paper over the sub-culture you submitted.

Here you will produce a more traditional academic research paper which incorporates terms and concepts introduced in this course as well as supporting your ideas with a minimum of four (4) peer reviewed journal articles, scientific magazines or government web sites and the chapter in the book that is most closely related to your subculture. The articles and chapter information should come from your Annotated Bibliography. You may add in additional articles as long as you use them in the text of your paper. You will analyze your topic by drawing on what you have learned in class, the peer review journal articles, and the information that you gathered from the event.

  1. Undertake the participant observation- this means engage in the event by talking with members present and exploring your overarching question.
  2. Using your experience of the event and the research you have undertaken (5 total sources), write a paper that reflects on the following:
  • In what ways did you observe a ‘sub culture’ at your event? What elements of culture were observed? How do these elements reinforce the structure of the sub-culture?
  • Based on your conversations and research, what is important to the members of this sub-culture? What is valuable to them? What has meaning to them?
  • Did your research accurately reflect what you saw with the organization? Why or why not?
  • Explain the possible application of this research to anthropology, and explain any possible future research questions that you can think of.
  • What did you take away from the experience of doing participant observation?
  • Draw conclusion about the sub-culture. What are the similarities and differences between its members? Why do you think these exist? Think holistically.

For the Ethnographic Research Paper please use the APA, MLA, AAA orthe Harvard style guide (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Citations of material should be consistent- a well-formatted bibliography is expected including any citations of class material that you use. If you have any questions as to how to properly implement a style, please email your instructor. Remember that you must USE the references in the main body of the text- you can’t just tack articles onto a reference section. You may use them by paraphrasing, direct quotations, or integration into your conclusions, but the in-text citations must always be there.

A good resource for Harvard style is the University of Western Australia. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

You can get an A on this paper, if you review these instructions closely as well as read over: How To Get An “A”


  • think about and analyze your experience at the event including conversations that you had
  • support your conclusions with parenthetical citations from your research
  • think about the experience like an anthropologist- holistically
  • be specific in your responses- don’t just say that they all like the color black- ask why!
  • use anthropological terminology (see your key terms sheet and textbook)
  • read over the chapters in your book that are pertinent to your event prior to going
  • be specific about why the potential questions for future research in anthropology are important


  • Break ethical guidelines during the research process
  • leave this till the last minute- things come up and get in the way that you can’t control
  • assume you know what the respondents will say- give them a chance to talk
  • judge! remember that we want to avoid ethnocentrism at all costs
  • acknowledge you biases- it’s ok in the paper to reflect on what you believed before you went in and once you came out
  • use long quotes from your peer reviewed journal articles. Paraphrasing the material demonstrates a mastery of the content
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