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January 14, 2021
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January 14, 2021

excelprofcase studyshelby shelves

This is a case study due July 24th at 10am (EST) 


The problem details are listed on the first tab while the supporting calculations are on the second tab.


Must be well organized, show all steps and follow the directions in full. (see below)


For this problem you will submit the final product which will be an Excel spreadsheet used to create the model and either a Word document or a Power Point presentation.  The final project will be graded not only on the accuracy of the quantitative solutions, but also the analytical approach used and the presentation of the results.  Keep in mind that this course is designed for individuals interested in Business Management.  As such, the final presentation should be appropriate for a presentation in a professional setting.  It will be necessary to clearly explain the case study and present the results in a professional, yet easily understood manner.


The presentation should clearly state the objective, the constraints in obtaining that objective, the factors that can be varied, the sensitivity of the model to the variable factors, and the potential weakness of the conclusions.

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