Exploring Literacy and Disabilities writing assignment help

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March 9, 2023
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Exploring Literacy and Disabilities writing assignment help

Exploring Literacy and Disabilities PaperExploring Literacy and Disabilities(30 points)To truly support children’s literacy development, it is critical to understand what evidence exists with regards to particular instructional practice or, conversely, what practices have been found to be effective with children with particular disabilities. In this paper, you will choose a disability that you are interested in, and research evidence-based or evidence-informed strategies to support literacy skills in children with that diagnosis.In this 5 page(max)paper, you should:Present your selected disability and provide an explanation for how that disability impacts literacy learning

Present research on evidence-based or evidence-informed instructional strategies that support literacy skills for children with that diagnosis or disability

Note any limitations of the research;Reflect onhow you would use this research in your work (provide 3 examples);

Include at least 3 journal references. The references page does not count toward your page total.

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