fair use and appropriation art art design homework help

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March 8, 2023
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March 8, 2023

fair use and appropriation art art design homework help


Appropriation art is often at the intersection of expression and intellectual property protections. Artists frequently draw from the works of others for inspiration, but appropriation art is just that—art that appropriates the works of other artists into a new expression to serve a new viewpoint or make a new statement. This type of artwork has frequently been the subject of claims for copyright infringement by artists who feel that the use of their work by another artist is a violation of their exclusive rights as a copyright holder.


Prepare your thoughts on appropriation art and the applicability of the fair-use defense to copyright infringement claims brought in connection with this type of artwork.

Focus on the following questions:

  • Is appropriation art copyright infringement?
  • Does the fair-use defense apply to excuse the infringement?

Use specific case law to support your statements.

Also the correct citation.

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